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Breath Inspired brings you breathwork training, experiences and retreats from the best instructors in Thailand.

Learn the Wim Hof Method® in Thailand at one of our many workshops and retreats. Increase your sports performance with the Oxygen Advantage® & learn advanced Breatheology® breathing techniques.. read more

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Breathing - Breath Inspired

The Wim Hof Method Breathing technique is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science … read more 

Cold Therapy - Breath Inspired

Learn about the benefits of cold therapy. How to do it correctly and why it is important part of the WHM … read more

Mindset - Wim Hof Method Thailand

The third pillar of the WHM Learn what to do with your mind before, during and after the cold … read more


Wim Hof - Breath Inspired

Wim Hof & his extraordinary achievements in extreme conditions have led astonished fans marvelling at his feats to call him The Iceman, creator of the WHM … read more 

Wim Hof Method - Breath Inspired

The Wim Hof Method is the combination of 3 pillars. Breathwork, Cold Exposure & Mindset. Learn how to combine these 3 pillars in the WHM … read more


Stuart and Kam make an awesome team. Their workshops are of high quality and well worth the money

– David

I thought I knew what the Wim Hof Method was all about until I cam to the Breath Inspired workshop. I learnt so much more.

– Victoria

I can not recommend Breath Inspired enough. I have been to 3 separate workshop and all have been outstanding.

– Sam

Wow wow wow. Mind blowing experience. The theory, music and guidance was amazing. I recommend it to all my friends.

– James