Breath Inspired aims to decipher and uncomplicate breathing practices from different disciplines such as Yoga, Martial arts, free diving, medical, mountaineering, extreme sports and the military, and offer these in simple to understand training and education courses, workshops and retreats.

Breath Inspired training and education courses, workshops and retreats will help you learn the tools to be able to take control of your internal state whenever and wherever.

Breathwork is scientifically proven to help with insomnia, stress reduction, blood pressure, focus, motivation, weight loss, immune system, relaxation, sports, fitness, meditation, learning, flow state and much more.

Breath Inspired is the first to bring the Wim Hof Method training and experiences to Thailand. We are also the first to offer Oxygen Advantage workshops.

Certified qualified Wim Hof Method Instructors which means that you are getting the correct and best training and coaching to experience and enhance your own Wim Hof Method practises.

Our Company Vision

Our vision is a future were children and adults have the knowledge and skills to use breathing techniques to take control of their state, reducing depression, anxiety, stress and boosting positive mind and body, and to live a life healthy, happy and strong.