Ancient wisdom & lifetime of training and knowledge, distilled down into a practical accessible training method

Breatheology Thailand

The Breatheology Method

Developed and created by Stig Severinsen from ancient Pranayama techniques combined with modern science and understanding.

Freediving World Champion, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder, and best selling author

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Breatheology Instructor Stuart Wilson Thailand

Breatheology benefits

Combining the methods, techniques and tools in the Breatheology method, you can expect the following

Optimise Performance Breatheology Thailand

Optimise Performance

Reach your athletic and personal goals with a proven combination of visualisation, meditation and targeted breath training.

You will learn how to optimise athletic and personal performance using the breath to reach your goals. Using a tried a tested combination of meditation, visualisation, imagery and Breathwork.

Improve Resilience

True resilience is the ability to take on mental, emotional or physical stress, and bounce back stronger than before. 

Breatheology will give you the breathing and visualisation techniques to become stronger.

Improve Resilience Breatheology Thailand
Strengthen Health Breatheology Thailand

Strengthen Health

Breatheology training will help to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical health. 

Scientifically proven techniques to build a robust immune system, increase energy levels and “Relax on Demand”.

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