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Activate your full potential through the WHM Breathwork

Through the WHM breathing techniques, you are able to prime your body to go into the deepest part of your brain and learn how to balance your mood and your emotions. 

Not only do you change your very biochemistry by alkalising your blood and bringing in more oxygen, but you also connect the autonomic nervous system with your consciousness.

Wim Hof Method Breathing

Scientists were among the sceptics who did not believe the Wim Hof Method could influence the autonomic nervous system.

Extensive tests by university researchers proved the impossible – Hof’s breathing and cold therapy training could help him change his heart rate and circulation by taking control of the autonomic nervous system

Breathing Benefits

A list of some of the proven health benefits:

Stress reduction

Increased Heart Rate Variability

Better concentration and mental clarity

Enhanced creativity

Improved Sleep


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