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Breathwork, Ice Bath and Sauna – 15th July 2023


July 15, 2023

This workshop is only available to people who have completed the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals course.

This is our weekly 3 hour Breathwork, Ice Bath and Sauna session

Time: 9am to 12pm

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There will be no presentation in this workshop; it’s straight in with a warmup, and then we will guide you through a Wim Hof Method breathwork session.

Once the Breathwork session is completed, we will do the ice baths.

Following the ice baths, you can enjoy the Barrel Sauna and the option to do some contrast therapy. Going from the Sauna to the Ice Bath!

We also have a pool for you to cool off or warm up.

Limited spots are available. Booking is confirmed on receipt of payment via bank transfer.

To be able to join these sessions, complete one of the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals workshops and then you will be part of our community. A great way to keep up with the WHM training.

Event Details


3 minutes from Thong Lo BTS Station, Bangkok

Sukhumvit 38 Alley

Date: July 15, 2023

Start time: 09:00 UTC+07

End time: 12:00 UTC+07

Venue: Breath Inspired

Directions: From Thong Lo BTS Station, it is easy to get a motorbike taxi to the studio. There are limited spots to park a car at our venue. If you want to park a car please let us know in advance.