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Wim Hof Method Advanced Workshop Bangkok – 18th August 2024


August 18, 2024

The workshop is suitable for intermediate-level Wim Hof Method practitioners looking to deepen their practice. This is for participants who’ve completed the WHM Fundamentals workshop.

If you’re ready for the next level, sign up now

We can’t wait to guide you on this advanced WHM journey.


You will learn the following:

  • Brown Fat Activation Technique
  • WHM Power Breathing Technique
  • Power of the mind
  • Latest Science

You will also experience up to 15 minutes in zero degrees ice bath.

The day is packed with activities with multiple breathing sessions, yoga, advanced breathing techniques and multiple cold exposures.

And don’t forget our awesome super hot Barrel Sauna and swimming pool.

The Workshop

Wim Hof Method Advanced Workshop

Learn the Wim Hof Method from the only Level 2 Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor in Thailand. Experience an intense 6-hour long workshop, packed with insights, theory and practical exercises.

Included in your booking:

  • Full Wim Hof Method training
  • Photos
  • Breathwork
  • Ice baths
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Presentation, theory
  • Practical training
  • Diaphragm training equipment
  • Yoga
  • Mats
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Snacks, fruit, chocolate, bars and much more.
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, water, and juice.
  • Showers

This is a small group workshop to give you the best experience. Places are limited and sell out fast.

Please book as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Our Ice Baths

Our ice baths are not your average cold plunge. This is a real Ice Bath and true cold exposure training.

We have huge single person ice baths in which we put 350-400kg of food-grade ice cubes in each bath. Making the water temperature Zero Degrees Celcius.

Single person ice baths are the best! They allow you to focus. No distractions. Your breath, your mind, your body and the cold. Bringing you back to nature as Wim says.

The Breath Inspired Studio

Our studio is surrounded by nature, air-conditioned and fully pollution-free.

We use 5 high-end air filters that run 24 hours a day and throughout the workshop. We make sure the PM2.5 is zero, ready for healthy and safe breathwork.

We follow government covid guidelines and a health declaration is required when registering. Your safety and health are THE MOST important!

Food and Drinks

We have for you unlimited drinks, tea, coffee, water and soft drinks. We also have a selection of snacks, chips, bars, nuts and fruit. If you prefer to bring your own food you can. But we do have lots of stuff for you.


The workshop time is 10am to 4pm.

There are breaks throughout the day for food, drinks, making new friends and questions.

Please arrive on time so we can prepare for the workshop to start.

You are welcome to come 30 minutes before, but no earlier as we will be cleaning and using UVC lights to sanitise the studio and these can be dangerous.

If you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Event Details


Thong Lo BTS Station, Bangkok

Date: August 18, 2024

Start time: 10:00 UTC+07

End time: 16:00 UTC+07

Venue: Breath Inspired

Directions: From Thong Lo BTS Station, it is easy to get a motorbike taxi to the studio. There are very limited spots to park a car. If you want to park a car please let us know in advance.