Ice Bath Bangkok

With average temperatures of 28°C, highs of 40°C and humidity of 90%, cooling down in an ice Bath in Bangkok would feel amazing!

The World Meteorological Organization voted Bangkok as the hottest city on earth due to its year-round high temperatures. If you have ever visited Bangkok, you will agree that the heat can be unbearable.

Finding any cold water in Thailand is impossible. There are no natural cold water sources and the tap water averages around 24°C .

The good news is that Breath Inspired studios in Bangkok as THE BEST ice bath available, voted by numerous health and travel websites.

The Best Bangkok Ice Bath

What makes Breath Inspired ice baths the best you may be wondering? Below are a list of the main features:

Real Ice Bath in Bangkok

Spa’s and Hotels use water chillers to cool down the water for their cold plunge pools. This can get the water temperature to no less then 12°C. But most only take the water to 15°C.

Our ice baths are real ice baths! We use food grade ice cubes. We put in 350kg of ice for each bath! Yes that’s right, each one of our baths has 350kg of ice! Now that is a real ice bath!

Single Person Ice Baths

Ice bath therapy is a personal experience. The bather should be focused on only themselves. Relaxed, calm and at rest in the ice. This is why we only use single person ice baths.

Group ice baths can be a big distraction. The water is moving and sloshing around. People getting in and out at different times. Some people may disturb others. Group ice baths can be good for corporate and group events. But for your own health development, you can’t beat a single person ice bath

Ice Cubes not Ice Blocks

To cool the water down effectively, ice cubes are the best. This is why we put in 350kg of ice cubes in each bath.

Large blocks of ice are sometimes seen used in gyms, spas and hotels. But these are simply inefficient and won’t reduce the water temperature a great deal. Expect no less than 15°C for an ice bath using large ice blocks.

Expert Cold Exposure Training

We are the experts in ice bath and cold exposure training. Level 2 certified Wim Hof Method instructors with extension experience in cold exposure. from hiking up sub-zero mountains in only shorts to smash ice with an axe in frozen waterfalls. You can be assured to receive the best ice bath training.

Find Out More About Ice Bath Bangkok

To find out more about our ice bath bangkok service, head on over to our contact page and send us a message.

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