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Yasin Munshi
June 17, 2024

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking for a healthy way to manage stress or seeking to challenge their body and mind. It’s very well organized with fantastic instructors who are very knowledgeable and able to make the experience fun and interesting, while paying personal attention to you. Also great facilities and lovely atmosphere.

arunika ekawati
June 17, 2024

I had an utterly wonderful experience throughout this journey. It has been a transformation, proving to myself that cold is no longer a nightmare for me. After this class and workshop, I have become more self-aware and appreciative of what I have. I am now more loving towards myself and the people around me. Thank you for showing us this beautiful path. Let’s do it again. Kudos to Stu and Kam, who are wonderful teachers and very patient throughout the journey. You are the best.

Tom Fudge
May 29, 2024

I attended the 1-day course and it was very well organised, the location and facilities were perfect, and the instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. I'm planning to go back to do a breathing and ice bath session again.

คุณแก้ม อธิบาย ให้คำแนะนำได้ดี ได้เข้าใจร่างกายตัวเอง และ ปลดล็อคลิมิต ดีใจที่ได้มาร่วม

ครูแก้มสอนดีมาก ฝึกให้เรารู้จักร่างกายตัวเอง และรู้จักควบคุมความคิด เอาไปใช้กับงานและทุกด้านของชีวิตได้เลยค่ะ ปกติเป็นคนไม่ชอบความเย็น ขี้หนาวมากแต่พอ control ลมหายใจและความคิดก็แช่ได้ครบตามกำหนด 😊 ขอบคุณครูแก้มค่ะ ไว้จะมาบ่อยๆ

Colin Pugh
May 12, 2024

A really good experience that i would definitely recommend to try. Mentally and physically challenging but with excellent guidance from Stu and Kam made it easier to get through. Will be going back again.

Alin Lucaci
April 29, 2024

I had an amazing day yesterday while attending the Wim Hof workshop in Bangkok. Stuart and Kam are very knowledgeable and have the skills to explain things in a way that I clearly understood all their teachings. They are also incredibly kind people with a passion for their work, amazing! The facility itself is also excellent, beautiful and comfortable. Thank you very much from a 100% satisfied customer!

JCK lll
April 22, 2024

สนุก ปลอดภัยย สะอาด มีคุณแก้มดูแลดีมากมาก ทุกอย่างมีพร้อม สะดวกสุดๆ

อธิบายและให้ความรู้ดีมาก รวมถึงการบริการดีสุดๆ ถ้าใครสนใจแนะนำที่นี่เลยครับ ประทับใจเเน่นอน

Stu and Kam were great instructors (the only certified instructor for Wimhof Method in Thailand) / host. I enjoyed myself so much, learning a lot of things about our body and mind. Came back home and continued to pratice breathe work and ice bath since.

It was very very wonderful experience. I finally overcame the fear of the coldness, eventhough it was just the first step for me. I will definitely recommend this practice “WimHof method” to my friends and others. Like it so much!!!

Joe Cheser
April 15, 2024

Amazing experience! Stu and Kam are very knowledgeable and attentive during the workshop. Highly recommended for those that want to push their personal limits.

Kata Thongsima
April 15, 2024

The instructors are very supportive, and knowledgeable. I learnt to overcome my fear getting into ice bath to get the benefits from ice bathing.

Very well communicated, instructive, inspiring and helpful. Perfect.

Alfonso Martín
March 18, 2024

I’ve heard of Wim Hoff method for several years but never had the chance to do it guided by a professional training. Stuart and Kam will explain all scientific reasons, what to do and what NOT to do for your own safety, guide you through the whole process, help you to identify all unknown feelings and thoughts and lately pass the ice tub bath. I can tell I have not felt this happy since time ago. Is a MUST for everyone!

Kam and Stuart are a remarkable team! For first time students, they are able to accommodate whatever comes up and guide you though the process with ease and grace. They are also able to convey clearly the physiological processes so the you don't feel in the dark. I highly, highly, highly recommend their facilities and trainings to experience the best of ice bathing and Wim How method breathing technique training! What more can I say!? Thank you Kim and Stuart!

เป็นประสบการณ์การเรียนรู้แบบใหม่ การปรับ Mindset การทดลองฝึกหายใจ สามารถนำมาปรับใช้ได้ในชีวิตจริงอย่างมีประโยชน์และมีหลักการ วิทยากร ทีมงาน สถานที่ และการดูแลดีเยี่ยมคะ ชอบและประทับใจคะ

Best Method to work on for life

Eline Postma
March 6, 2024

Seriously knowledgeable instructors, I recommend for everyone to come and do the workshop before going off and experimenting on their own! I had done breathwork before, but never as transformative and powerful as here. Can’t wait to go back!

Chris B
March 5, 2024

Awesome experience, can recommend for everyone. Don’t forget, it is not only about ice bathing but also about mindset, breathwork & more!

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